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An on-grid inverter’s main job is to convert DC power generated from the PV array into usable AC power. Hybrid inverters go a step further and work with batteries to store excess power as well. In the developing world, hybrid inverters are more of a necessity to compensate for weak or intermittent grids or a lack of grid electricity all together.
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Conversion of DC to usable AC is the primary function of an on-grid inverter. Better than an on-grid inverter is the hybrid inverter which goes steps further to score excess power, compensate for weak and intermittent grids, and supplement in a case of total absence of power.
Hybrid inverters at JFO Solutions include single-phase 3KW/3.6KW/5KW/8KW and three-phase 8KW/10KW/12KW. Wired with more inputs than outputs, one key compelling feature of the hybrid inverter is its ability to function just fine without batteries. All however adopt 48V batteries to ensure that energy from solar panels is safer and more reliable.
JFO Solutions inverters can be programmed to operate in different modes (grid-tie, hybrid, backup and off-grid). Self-sufficiency is attainable if the desire is constant power without disconnecting from the main grid. Our collection of hybrid inverters includes basic hybrid, hybrid, and battery energy storage systems. With a streamlined body, system oversizing, backup system, extra pieces of hardware, charge control and bi-directional AC DC inverter function, smart inverter/ charger features, DC- coupling options, and Mobile app cloud monitoring and control, nothing could be more alluring than the hybrid inverter.

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